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Born out of need, experience and innovative thinking.

Theragraph was conceived and created by Dr. Brennan Walters, a physician of twenty-five years, after experiencing increased challenges in managing his patient load, and seeing it also happening in the healthcare industry all around him.

With the increasingly large and complex amount of information physicians were facing, Dr. Walters realized that it was crucial to find a way to assemble all this data into a more streamlined system for patient care.

Dr. Walters understood that representing the data visually would be the most effective way to overcome this difficult challenge, and provide the necessary support he and his fellow physicians needed.

It would require the development of a visualization tool that did not yet exist.

After extensive sketching with pencil crayons in an artist notebook, Theragraph began to emerge. Sketches were transferred to an Excel spreadsheet, and then further developed with the input of a professional graphic designer.

What emerged was a visually pleasing, novel and holistic view of a patient’s entire journey in a way never before conceived.

As Dr. Walters began to show Theragraph to others, particularly physicians, eyes would light up with wonder and relief at seeing this complete and elegant portrayal of a patient; a way of visualizing and comprehending even the most complex patient journey … in an instant.

They knew they were witnessing a paradigm shift in patient care.

Sensing the importance and timeliness of this new tool, Dr. Walters has become committed to bringing Theragraph to the world. He is looking forward to the day when Theragraph will assist physicians around the globe in meeting the challenges of modern medicine – to do even more effectively what they do best, caring for the health of human beings.